Jinya Ramen

The other night I attended the media preview for Jinya Ramen where we got to taste some of their menu items. The appetizers were takoyaki (octopus balls), brussel sprouts tempura with truffle oil - it was good but i found the truffle oil a bit overpowering and spicy tuna tacos - which were my favourites, i love the marinade they used for the tuna and the crunchiness of the shell. 

As for the ramen, we had the following -  tonkotsu black, vegetable, vegan, the spicy chicken and the cha cha cha ramen. For more info on the ramens, check out their menu here. I like the tonkotsu black and the cha cha cha - this especially if you're into garlic flavour. I also like how light their broths are. The vegan ramen was really good as well, very fragrant and flavourful. I found the vegetable ramen a bit salty for my liking. The spicy chicken was just okay for me - it was soupy, it reminds me of chicken noodle soup.  

The place is definitely worth checking out. It's not your typical ramen joint, they have a bar which serves beers from local breweries and a sake collection. So it's also a good place to go for happy hour. 

Jinya Ramen is located on 541 Robson Street, Vancouver BC. Grand Opening is on April 21st.