Bao Down Snack Bar

Some food shots from yesterday's brunch at Bao Down Snack Bar in Gastown

Calamansi Mocktail 

My friend, Andie, ordered their fried chicken and waffles.  Not sure why the waffles is plural, it only came with one. She said the chicken was delicious but the waffle was a bit dry. 

A side of tocino - garlic cured pork. Really tasty and not as sweet as it usually is.

I ordered their eggplant torta. It was good and it had a smokey flavour. But it was pretty pricey for just an omelette ($18). You think it would came with a side or something. The description said Taro Hash but it didn't come with it.  

Overall, food was decent but pricey. If you're craving for filipino food/brunch, go to Kulinarya instead. Better value.